We collect used Medical First Aid Supplies for Ukraine

Collection of out of date medical supplies for front line in Ukraine.

We have reached the two year anniversary of the Russian Illegal Invasion of Ukraine. Tragically this pointless war goes on. The only important point is that Ukraine is supported in her fight to beat back the invaders and to protect their fragile democracy.

We are trying to do our little bit to support them and Fifi’s shop is a drop off point for any medical supplies you don’t need. My contact will collect them from us and show us the chain of custody to their final destination.

We have been so thrilled with the generous donations so far but it is still urgently needed.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Nelson, he is in active combat on the front line in Ukraine and he was on leave in UK. I’m sad to think he will be back on front line soon. They are doing such a great job of beating back the invaders. They still need our help.

Carolanne has another collection point in Wotton-under-edge in her cafe Wotton Coffee Shop https://www.facebook.com/thewottoncoffeeshop thank you so much for your support.