We are delighted to see more new independent shops opening up on the high street here in Wotton-under-edge.  I was doing my little Cotswolds Tour on my way to the shop today and I  popped in on (5:22) Hayley and Tina to say hello and see their new shop they opened today.  They sell plants and wool and their shop looks amazing.

I wish them every success on the high street.  They are called Mint Plants Wotton on Facebook and on Instagram Mint Plants Wotton 


My hubby was most surprised to see our faces on the front page of the Gloucester Gazette today!

We simply can’t believe that Stroud District Council would conceive of such a confounding plan to impose parking fees in Wotton-under-Edge.   Trading on the high street here is a battle in itself, due to LACK of parking in the town.  We see so many empty units on the high street, surely this is a sign that we need help, not more obstacles.  I hope they see sense before it is too late.

As one of our facebook commenters wrote, when this happened in Dursley a tractor drove into the pay and display machine as there was such an uproar about the parking fees.  We are in competition with big outlet centres who favour large corporate shops where there is free parking.  People avoid places where they have to pay for parking.  They avoid places where there is a lack of parking.

We would like to stay in Wotton but our days will be numbered if Stroud District Council don’t step up to support us traders instead of sabotaging us.

You can find out more in the Gloucestershire Gazette article here.

Read the article here




I know the snow has now melted but perhaps it is a while since you have ventured out into Wotton-under-edge. We are so happy to see a few more independent shops coming to the high street. There is a variety of home decor shops here now, which makes it more interesting if you have something specific you are searching for. We also have the Wotton Auction rooms which has a rich variety and supply of furniture.

We are very happy to see a growing community of independent traders here as we all know it is tricky trying to stay afloat in today’s economic climate, when we are competing with large out of town outlet stores. If you are looking for something unique, you literally won’t find any where else, then Wotton-under-edge is the destination for you.

If you are embarking on a new furniture painting project, we are a Frenchic Furniture Paint Stockist and have a great supply of furniture, wall, trim and al fresco paint, along with brushes, stencil and waxes.  Fifi has oodles of enthusiasm and advice to offer.

You can find us on Trip Advisor and explore the other interesting features of our little Cotswolds town.


We have a wonderful community of businesses and facilities here in Wotton-under-edge.  I’ve just heard that we are part of the Gateway to the Cotswolds now, which is good as we are on the Cotswolds Way.

We have many Independent Shops on our high street, which makes us stand out from other dull, generic shopping destinations.  If you want a day trip in a pretty little Costwolds town, you will find much to do in Wotton-under-edge.  We have historical places, like St Mary’s Church and the Ram Inn.  There is a lot of architecture dotted around that originated from Kingswood Abbey, particularly in the little delicatessen called Relish, who boast a huge tomb stone in their tiny shop.  There are welcoming pubs and cafés.  We have a variety of homeware, toy, paint, gift and of course furniture shops, like ours!

You can find us on Trip Advisor

For all our local facilities you can check it out in the -click this link to thumb through the pages of the  Wotton Directory<


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