Looking a tad Chinese.
In the shop today is the rather unusual sideboard I’ve been painting for the past week or so on and off.
For those of you who are interested in the method here goes…..
I painted it all over in Frenchic “Flamenco” layering the paint as I went to give a textured look. Then I applied Frenchic gold Frensheen to the detailing and Frenchic Easy Crackle to the areas I wanted to look extra old. Then I applied another coat of Flamenco over everything. The magic of the crackling happens at this point. To accentuate the cracks and to add age I applied lashings of Frenchic Browning Wax and in sections before the wax was dry I used a medium grade sanding sponge to rub it back so that it was smooth and would then have a lovely patina once finished.
(jolly hard work this bit with sweat dripping off my nose. Most attractive NOT).
Finally once that was all done I applied another coat of Browning and clear wax and let this completely dry and harden for a couple of days before buffing it to a high sheen with fine wire wool and a rough cloth.
The top actually looks like old leather when you get close up.
I really enjoyed doing this piece and I reckon it will set the Christmas decorations off rather nicely❤️
Naturally enough as a stockist all Frenchic products are available in our shop and I’m always very happy to share methods and help choose colour schemes etc for your particular piece of furniture.
H 90 cms
W 1m 55 cms
D 54 cms  £575.00

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