Here are some photos of a chest of drawers that I bought as a part of a job lot of furniture from a recently closed care home.
All the residents had been re-homed into the community and other institutions.

Walking around the large collection of buildings was a surreal experience as it was as if the occupants had just left the building in the clothes they stood up in. Everything else was still there waiting to be cleared. This particular set of drawers had been caked in the sort of powder paint that you mix with water that I used at primary school and was a vivid green colour. It was also covered with stickers which were a pain to remove. In spite of its initial appearance I liked the proportions and detailing and decided it was worth the effort to save it.

After removing umpteen stickers and sanding off the terribly lumpy green paint and washing it with sugar soap I applied two coats of Frenchic “Anguilla” See our Paint Range Here

The mouldings I highlighted using a mix of Frenchic “Flamenco” mixed with a little “Panther” to replicate the rich dark red often found under gold leaf and then instead of gold leaf I applied “Gorgeous Gold” and “Sexy Silver” Frensheen   Our Frensheen Range together with Finishing Coat to make a paler gold and painted over the red and over the handles.
The whole thing was then coated with dark wax and rubbed back with fine sandpaper to create a wonderfully smooth surface with a beautiful patina. More wax was applied for added protection. Our Waxes here

I hope that the original owner of the piece would be happy that it’s had a makeover and that it will be around for many years to come.  See it on our Shop Page Here

There were quite a number of processes involved in completing this piece.

I used Frenchic “Posh Nelly” as my base coat all over and then added several different Frenchic colours (some I mixed using dregs from nearly empty tins) and built up layers of textured paint.

Using the hairdryer whilst layering the paint on, dries the paint in a lumpy fashion and the more texture it has the more I like it.

I added crackle glaze to corners and areas that would naturally expect more wear and then did a final all over coat using Posh Nelly mixed with Salt of the Earth (again just to use up left over paint). I painted the cross bars on the glass door in a mixture of Frenchic “Flamenco”, “Mrs Brown” and just a smidge of “Panther” to give me a good base colour to go under the Gold Frensheen. I like to add a small amount of Silver Frensheen powder to the mix that gives a paler gold which I prefer. Once I was happy with the coverage and texture build up I got busy with the Frenchic
H 174cm
W 68 cm


A rather stylish bow fronted display cabinet painted in Frenchic “Panther” with Rustic wax over. The inside has been decoupaged with colour coordinated tissue paper and the shelves striped using Frenchic “Panther”and “Funky Dora” and the detailing picked out using Gold Frensheen.


I imagine seeing this in a classy jewellery shop, or Hotel lobby.  It’s a unique design by Fifi using the full range of Frenchic products to achieve her results. You can never say Fifi’s creations are dull!  The detailing and the colour combinations are perfection, as always. I’m her biggest fan, (can you tell? – Ginny)

H 1m 57 cms

W 81 cms

D 38 cms


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