There were quite a number of processes involved in completing this piece.

I used Frenchic “Posh Nelly” as my base coat all over and then added several different Frenchic colours (some I mixed using dregs from nearly empty tins) and built up layers of textured paint.

Using the hairdryer whilst layering the paint on, dries the paint in a lumpy fashion and the more texture it has the more I like it.

I added crackle glaze to corners and areas that would naturally expect more wear and then did a final all over coat using Posh Nelly mixed with Salt of the Earth (again just to use up left over paint). I painted the cross bars on the glass door in a mixture of Frenchic “Flamenco”, “Mrs Brown” and just a smidge of “Panther” to give me a good base colour to go under the Gold Frensheen. I like to add a small amount of Silver Frensheen powder to the mix that gives a paler gold which I prefer. Once I was happy with the coverage and texture build up I got busy with the Frenchic
H 174cm
W 68 cm


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