H there, Ginny here,  I wanted to share my kitchen now that it is a bit nearer to completion. Fifi was kind enough to paint the units in the Frenchic Furniture Paint. She chose to use the Al Fresco colours as they are durable for a kitchen environment.

She used the little bird stencil to add a little detail.

Also she chose some stripy material picking out the colours for the blinds. Our lovely friend Lois made the blinds for me.

Then I after umming and ahhing for ages I  purchased the fantastic “Clock Face” circular table which Fifi painted in the Frenchic Furniture paint.

Then finally she kindly painted a little wall shelf in a mixture of the colours and the little heart stencil which I think brings it all together nicely.

How lucky am I to have such a clever sister!

I took this 360 photo of the room, which gives you an idea of the space, but it’s always hard to get an accurate 360 in a small space.

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