Here Fifi is sharing her top tip of the day for painting wooden mouldings. We stock a variety of wooden mouldings in the shop that can be used to enhance any piece of furniture and painted with the Frenchic Paint.

He Fifi demonstrates two paint effects. Let us know what you think? Have you tried using these wooden mouldings?

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Gift ideas for the painting fanatic in your life.

Why not fill a selection a Frenchic Gift bag with your chosen items.  Brushes, paint, wax or Frensheen.

A starter kit for a new year hobby would be good too.

For example :-

Original Creme de la Creme 750ml £19.95

Frensheen Gold £6.95

Clear Wax 400ml £13.95

45mm Oval Brush £9.95



There were quite a number of processes involved in completing this piece.

I used Frenchic “Posh Nelly” as my base coat all over and then added several different Frenchic colours (some I mixed using dregs from nearly empty tins) and built up layers of textured paint.

Using the hairdryer whilst layering the paint on, dries the paint in a lumpy fashion and the more texture it has the more I like it.

I added crackle glaze to corners and areas that would naturally expect more wear and then did a final all over coat using Posh Nelly mixed with Salt of the Earth (again just to use up left over paint). I painted the cross bars on the glass door in a mixture of Frenchic “Flamenco”, “Mrs Brown” and just a smidge of “Panther” to give me a good base colour to go under the Gold Frensheen. I like to add a small amount of Silver Frensheen powder to the mix that gives a paler gold which I prefer. Once I was happy with the coverage and texture build up I got busy with the Frenchic
H 174cm
W 68 cm


A rather stylish bow fronted display cabinet painted in Frenchic “Panther” with Rustic wax over. The inside has been decoupaged with colour coordinated tissue paper and the shelves striped using Frenchic “Panther”and “Funky Dora” and the detailing picked out using Gold Frensheen.


I imagine seeing this in a classy jewellery shop, or Hotel lobby.  It’s a unique design by Fifi using the full range of Frenchic products to achieve her results. You can never say Fifi’s creations are dull!  The detailing and the colour combinations are perfection, as always. I’m her biggest fan, (can you tell? – Ginny)

H 1m 57 cms

W 81 cms

D 38 cms


I’m just going to “BIG UP” my sister Fifi for a moment.

Of course being her sister and business partner, I am a  probably the biggest fan of Fifi’s  work and sometimes I have to come in here to our blog and say how I continued to be impressed  by her talent.  I always expect great things from her, but when I see them, I’m shocked at how amazing they are!

I don’t think Fifi knows how skilled and clever she really is, she makes it all look so easy.  It’s one thing to know how to put the paint on, it’s quite another to have the inspiration to put the combination of colours that sets the piece off.  I think this little clock show cases her skill perfectly.

This little clock was nothing to speak of, just another dark, red coloured wooden finish and very lack lustre.  Fifi brought it to life with her vision and now it’s fit to be placed in a prominent position in a fabulous home.

A pretty, chiming, battery operated clock. The wooden case has been painted in Frenchic “Heavenly Blue” highlighted with Gold Frensheen and waxed using Frenchic Browning Wax.  H 76 cms W 28 cms D 11 cms  £75.00

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