It’s an old doll’s house on top of a separate chest of drawers that is going to be used as a drinks cabinet in the most beautiful drawing room of my absolute most favourite Georgian pile close to Wotton-under-Edge.

Yes I know it seems criminal to paint it but that’s what the client wants and actually when you get up close and personal there are a lot of defects that can’t otherwise be rectified so that makes me feel slightly better about it.

The client wants the same antiqued and crackle glazed grey exterior as a done on a couple of previous pieces I’ve done for him and we are talking about doing the inside in yellow to match the magnificent yellow glazed walls he’s having professionally painted in the drawing room at the moment.

No pressure there then!!!

Not quite sure where the hell to start but as I have to start somewhere I think I’ll just paint the back first and take the knobs off the drawers just to ease myself into it!!!!

I’ll keep you posted.

See how it worked out


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