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We wanted to inform all our lovely customers that Fifi’s Fancy Furniture has ceased trading from 25 Church Street with immediate effect and have vacated the premises.
We took this unexpected and difficult decision as we were faced with having to sign a new tenancy agreement in our name for a three year period. We suddenly realised that it would be too restrictive as the business has grown steadily to the point where the shop is really too small and would have impeded our growth greatly.
The only alternative was to make a temporary sideways move and put everything into storage until we can find suitable new shop premises.
As some of you may be aware, we shared the shop space with the current lease holder Malcolm Jowett and he may now continue to run a business from 25 Church Street but it is in no way connected to or associated with Fifi’s Fancy Furniture in any way.
We feel very relieved and excited having made the difficult decision to leave the shop as we can now expand our business and build on our vision for its future.
We are currently negotiating on new premises in Wotton but as it is by no means guaranteed we will get it, we would be extremely grateful if members of the chamber would let us know if they hear of any premises becoming available to rent.
From the outset, the people of Wotton have been incredibly supportive and enthusiastic towards us and we really would like to build on that and stay within the town if at all possible.
So, for the immediate future even though we don’t have a shop front currently, it is very much business as usual and we will be working very hard behind the scenes to ensure that we are ready to rock and roll with new and interesting furniture of all styles and courses in furniture painting, social media classes, decoy carving and drop in sessions where customers can work on their own projects, using our products and space whilst having access to our expertise should they require it.
Roll on new bigger and better premises!!
Meanwhile, should anyone wish to purchase our fabulous Frenchic Furniture Paint or want to view any of the items shown on our website, please contact Fifi on 07904587279 where we will be only too happy to help.
We would be grateful if you would spread the word on our behalf and we look forward to being back on the High Street as soon as possible.
Very many thanks,
Fifi and Ginny

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