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Fifi’s January Project

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Fifi’s January Project.

Small chest of drawers make over in heavy textured chalk paint.

It’s the morning after Boxing day and I feel I need to get on and do a bit of painting. This little chest of drawers is my next victim. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do but we’ll see how it works out.

Ok, that’s the first coat of Paris Grey gone on. It’s a refined little chest of drawers, but I’m fancying doing something pretty rustic with it, so I’ve painted the handles and I’ll see what happens next.

Right, so the first coat of paint is drying, I’ve put some more of the same colour to thicken up before I apply it really thickly and then dry it with the hair dryer to get lots of cracking going on.

Ok, next stage, very thick paint and I’m just ladling it on and then I’ll use the hair dryer to just dry it back so it is all nice and lumpy and thick and hopefully start to split.

Right, I’ve done the drawer fronts, very very textured and then I just put a white wash, very dilute over the top and I’m beginning to love the effect, I’m keeping going until it is perfect.

Right, these thick layers of paint are beginning to build up and it’s beginning to look quite textured. I will carry on building up until I am completely happy that is as lumpy as I want it to be.

Final bit. I’m just going to do the top now, the sides are done, the drawer fronts are done, so the final bit on the top and it’s ready for waxing tomorrow. Nearly at the end.

Final, final stage now. I’ve just coated this in wax. I used one of these little scourer pads. I’ve coated it all over with a soft wax which is lovely and clear, leave it for a couple of days and that is it job finished.

And here is the finished article, in the shop, in the window and hopefully ready to sell and I’m actually very pleased with the result and had some very positive feed back.

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