I’m just going to “BIG UP” my sister Fifi for a moment.

Of course being her sister and business partner, I am a  probably the biggest fan of Fifi’s  work and sometimes I have to come in here to our blog and say how I continued to be impressed  by her talent.  I always expect great things from her, but when I see them, I’m shocked at how amazing they are!

I don’t think Fifi knows how skilled and clever she really is, she makes it all look so easy.  It’s one thing to know how to put the paint on, it’s quite another to have the inspiration to put the combination of colours that sets the piece off.  I think this little clock show cases her skill perfectly.

This little clock was nothing to speak of, just another dark, red coloured wooden finish and very lack lustre.  Fifi brought it to life with her vision and now it’s fit to be placed in a prominent position in a fabulous home.

A pretty, chiming, battery operated clock. The wooden case has been painted in Frenchic “Heavenly Blue” highlighted with Gold Frensheen and waxed using Frenchic Browning Wax.  H 76 cms W 28 cms D 11 cms  £75.00

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