Isle-sur-la-Sorgue is a veritable feast for the keen antique hunter. Located in the south of France west of Aix en Provence you’ll find this gem of a town.
After a fabulous lunch I strolled around like a kid in a candy shop totally loving the antique offerings on sale.
Busman’s holiday…. no. Food for my soul…. absolutely.
Having said that…. huge price tags on everything. It’s the Mecca for antiques and the world flocks there with plenty of cash. Even things that you might expect to see in our shop so much more expensive than we would charge.
All beautifully displayed though within “stylish room sets” that were aesthetically beautiful in their own right.
So much to look at and all very inspirational.
Just the shot in the arm I needed after a long drab winter.
Keen now to try duplicating some of the finishes I’ve seen on much of the painted furniture.
A must see for some great ideas and a glimpse of what you could buy if money was no object.

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I love taking advantage of all possible ways to maximise exposure of the business, especially when it is free. Wotton-under-edge is a wonderful little town, with many shops and places of historic interest to visit. Our very own shop is approximately 600 years old and has fully restored original wall drawings preserved on the wall. The care worn, flag stone floors tell a story of all the many footsteps that have passed through our shop. The architecture alone is worth a visit.

There is some distortion where the camera is at a close up point, but it gives a view of our three show rooms. Click on the arrow to swipe around the images.

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Wotton under edge is such a pretty destination town with many wonderful venues to visit. It’s well worth checking it out on Trip Advisor.


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