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Great to see Pammy in the Daily Express today

Congratulations to Pammy for creating such a vibrant and growing company.  It’s not only an environmentally sustainable product, it’s a supportive and friendly community to be part of. for original post click here Primed for global coverage Pammy’s video Daily Express 8 Aug 2018 Maisha Frost FRENCHIC, the British-made paint brand knocking spots off rivals […]

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Here at Fifi’s Fancy Furniture we usually struggle to get into the Christmas spirit.  This year we had some help from the lovely Ellie who came in and put up a beautiful Christmas garland over the fire place.   Suddenly we feel much more Christmassy.  We have a range of Ellie’s lovely  silk flower decorations for […]

Matching side drawers

A while ago Fifi painted a pretty little pink and white strip wardrobe and she has just been asked to provide a set of drawers to go with it. So it is now ready to go off to its new home.

” Like having sex without the mess”

One or our lovely customers sent in some photos of a project she did with our new Frenchic Paint range. The dresser is painted in the fabulous new Frenchic Lazy Range colour “Hornblower”, the inside painted in Frenchic Lazy Range “Love Letter”. She was so impressed with the coverage and speed of using the Lazy […]

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