The Wedding Chairs

Fifi got to hear about a man in Hill close to Thornbury who seemed to have a fetish for chairs as everytime she visited the local charity shops or recycling shops, they told her this man had been in and bought all the chairs.

After a bit of detective work, she tracked him down and paid him a visit to see what the deal was. She met Nick a really smashing chap who was very happy to share that he was buying up all dining room type chairs with a view to painting them white, adding a bright seat cushion cover and getting them ready for his son’s wedding. The wedding planned for September was going to be held in his beautiful garden in a marquee. He told her he was aiming for 100 chairs and he paid an average of £2 each for them. When I asked what he was going to do with them once the wedding was over, he explained that he had two more children who might well want them for their weddings at a later date and also that he would be very happy to hire them out to people for various functions. Fifi thought it was a charming gesture by a father taking the time and effort to produce not only recycled chairs but a beautiful effect for his son’s wedding. Fortunately as he now has enough chairs other people are able to buy them from the local charity shops again.

When asked if we could video him talking about his chairs, he was only to happy to oblige. The overall effect was stunning. We wish his son and daughter-in-law all the best for their future.

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