Take one battered old brown sad and tired bureau and breath new life into it by doing two coats of Frenchic “Flamenco”, Browning Wax over, spraying the upper insides with gold paint and painting the insides of the drawers with “Loof”. Even the handles are the originals, painted in “Flamenco”, waxed and then rubbed back with sandpaper until the gold coloured metal shows through. The whole thing was then polished to within an inch of its life with fine wire wool. It’s a happy shiny little piece now for sure .

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We are delighted to see more new independent shops opening up on the high street here in Wotton-under-edge.  I was doing my little Cotswolds Tour on my way to the shop today and I  popped in on (5:22) Hayley and Tina to say hello and see their new shop they opened today.  They sell plants and wool and their shop looks amazing.

I wish them every success on the high street.  They are called Mint Plants Wotton on Facebook and on Instagram Mint Plants Wotton 


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Had fun transforming this useful cupboard with drawers unit. It was very scratched and had old (dead) woodworm holes which I treated anyway just because I always do that.

So then I filled and sanded the holes and then painted the inside of the cabinet, the inside of the drawers and the back panel in the stunning new Frenchic Al Fresco range “ Kiss Me Sloely”.

Once that was done I painted the carcass with two coats of the Lazy Range “Loof” which has a beautiful finish that doesn’t even need buffing.

Then I mixed “Sexy Silver” and “Gorgeous Gold” Frensheen together with Finishing Coat to the consistency of double cream and painted all the original handles and key to breathe new life into them as they were such a pretty shape.



Then I painted the moulding around the top of the unit in the same mix of Frensheen.

Finally I used a diamond shaped stencil (which we sell in the shop) and using a sponge applied the “ Kiss Me Sloely” through it to really give the piece a “pop”.

The contrast between the beautiful black and the vibrant blue with accents of pale gold really works well I feel.
I love to paint the insides of any piece I do in a strong vibrant colour.

As I always say….. it’s a bit like naughty underwear, you don’t expect to see it but it’s lovely when you do!!!

So be bold…. go for colour and the more demure it is on the outside the more fun it is to open it up and reveal the interior.

It really finishes a piece off in my opinion and is just fun!!!




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